Services for Students

Welcome to Student Mail at SSU! We offer services to both resident and non-resident students. 

Sending Mail and Packages

Mail and packages that already have postage or paid shipping labels applied can be dropped off at the Student Mailroom in Zinfandel Village or Campus Prints.

Need stamps or shipping labels? Envelopes or boxes? Visit Campus Prints on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

Receiving Mail and Packages

Residential students receive mail and packages at the student mailroom in Zinfandel Village. This allows University Mail Services to centralize the distribution of residential mail and packages in one location—eliminating the need for mailbox keys, reducing the number of mailing addresses, extending hours for package pickup, and providing better service overall to our residential students.

Please note ONLY campus residents are authorized to receive packages and mail at the student mailroom. 

Campus Prints offers PO Box rentals. These boxes allow for students to maintain the same address for their time at SSU, they can be rented by both residential and non-residential students.

Note: Packages marked as delivered by the USPS on Friday - Sunday will not be available for campus pick-up until the following business day. You may contact the Rohnert Park Post Office at 707-586-5412 if a Saturday pick-up is necessary.


What is my campus address?

Every resident will be assigned an on-campus mailing address with a specific mailbox number.

Your address will be:

Resident's First and Last Name (as it was provided on their application - no nicknames)
1701 E. Cotati Ave. #XXXX (box number provided in your room assignment information)
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

REACH is responsible for maintaining your on-campus mailing address through SSU Online Services.

What are the operating hours for the Student Mailroom?

The Student Mailroom in Zinfandel Village will be open Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (unless otherwise noted during holidays).

Where can I pick up my packages?

Packages, which include boxes and envelopes larger than a standard mailpiece, are processed through our Notifii system. This includes items that are trackable by FedEx, USPS, UPS, or other package carriers. Please note, the carrier’s tracking delivery notification does not indicate the package is ready for pickup. Once the package has been checked-in, an email notification will be sent to your SSU email account letting you know that a package is ready for pick-up. 

Pickup location depends on your address:

For 1701 E. COTATI AVE.

You will go to the Student Mailroom in Zinfandel Village.

For 1913 E. COTATI AVE.

You will go to Campus Prints on the second floor of the Student Center. 

Please have your mailbox number available and both locations require you to show your SSU or State ID to pick up your package.

Where can I pick up my mail?

Mail for 1701 E COTATI AVE., which includes small letters, bills, cards, magazines, etc., will be held in the Student Mailroom in Zinfandel Village. Residents will not be notified when mail arrives, but are encouraged to check anytime during the operating hours at least once per week. Please make sure you bring your SSU ID and know your mailbox number.

Mail for 1913 E COTATI AVE., which includes small letters, bills, cards, magazines, etc, will be held in Campus Prints on the second floor of the Student Center. PO Box holders will not be notified when mail arrives and are encouraged to check regularly during business hours. Please make sure to bring your SSU ID and know your mailbox number. For more information, please visit the Campus Prints website. 

What if my mail or packages are mislabeled?

To ensure the fastest delivery of your mail and packages, your family, friends, relatives, and other third parties need to have your correct address. If they come mislabeled this will slow down the delivery time as staff will need to troubleshoot the item and determine who it belongs to. If you are a returning resident, please make sure you update all of your accounts such as Amazon with this year's address.

Please note that your resident address (1701 E. Cotati Ave.) is not the same as the general campus address (1801 E.Cotati Ave.)

You will receive an email notification when a package is in your mailbox, however, you will not receive this notification for letter mail. If you are tracking a package and it shows delivered but you have not received an email from our system, it has not yet been processed for pickup at Zinfandel Village. If you still have not received a notification from SSU within a couple of days, this could indicate your package is going through the troubleshooting process due to a bad address. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.  

What should I do if I am missing a package or piece of mail?

Contact the Student Mailroom at Please have tracking numbers available if applicable. Please note, any USPS package delivered on Friday - Sunday will be available the following business day for pick up.

Can I have a friend pick up my mail or packages for me?

Yes, as long as you give us express written permission, through email, ahead of time at We need to know the name of the student (first and last) and they will have to bring a form of ID (Seawolf or State ID). Also, make sure they have your correct box number.

I forgot my mailbox number and/or I have an acquaintance or family member asking for my mailbox number. What can I do?

Your mailbox number is assigned in the email you receive from Residential Education and Campus Housing. If you did not get that info or missed it, you will need to go to the Zinfandel Student Mailroom with your SSU ID to retrieve the information. We are not allowed to give out any student information over the phone or email, which means we cannot give your mailbox number to anyone who calls or emails asking for it (even yourself). It’s the responsibility of the student to get their mailbox number to family and acquaintances.

Can I have alcohol sent to the Student Mailroom if I am 21 or over?

Yes, as long as you can provide a State ID showing you are of age when picking up. However, you can not have a friend pick up a 21+ package for you, even if they are over 21. No exceptions!

What if I am receiving a perishable cold storage item?

We have limited storage for these types of packages. Ideally, please pickup your cold storage item within 24 hours of notification. We cannot guarantee the storage conditions are met if left longer than that.

What happens to my mail and/or packages if I leave SSU campus housing without retrieving it?

If you left a forwarding address on file with REACH, all your USPS mail and packages would be forwarded to that address at no charge. Any package that was delivered by another carrier would be returned to the sender.

What happens if I no longer live on campus, or I am a former student, and something accidentally gets sent to my old campus address?

We check the student campus resident roster. If you are not on it then we would put the items in troubleshooting for about a week. If we do not get contacted by you then we would return the items to the sender.